What we offer

Design House Interiors offers full-service home design and consultation. With function and aesthetic in mind, lead designer, Lori, guides you through the entire process resulting in a beautiful, thoughtful design. Whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing space, we can guide you through the entire process. Our services are tailored to fit a wide variety of design needs..

The Process

Phase One


Fill out the new client form here to tell us about your project and design goals. Please don’t be shy — ask any questions you have about the design process, your project, or about us and our services on this form.

Phase Two

Design Consultation

Gather all the details and your aspirations for the space. The more we can learn about you, your style and design needs, the more equipped we are to create a space that is perfectly suited to your needs and style.

Phase Three


After the initial design consultation you will receive a contract for your project. We will also discuss our process to ensure it aligns with your timeline and project expectations. If that meets your expectations, you'll sign the contract and we are set to go!

Phase Four

Design vision

This is when the fun happens, but it’s also all about the details. This step will leave us with a collaborative vision that will guide us the rest of the project. As we develop plans, source materials and make finish selections, you will start to see your design come to life.

Phase Five

+ Implementation

This part is all about refining the details. For new construction and remodels, we create a custom Specification Binder which includes construction drawings and material selections. We provide  this for you and your construction team, so everyone has the information they need to create a smooth and seamless experience.

Phase Six


Whether it’s installation day or move-in day, your finished project will reflect your vision. Our favorite part is the client seeing their vision turn into reality. You can now sit back and enjoy your beautiful, curated, functional space knowing every selection was tailored specially to your style and needs.

Building a new home or remodeling?

Our initial design consultation is a discovery process designed to uncover your specific style, review your plans (or help with plan design), look through your inspirational photos, and determine your must-haves for the new home or remodel. Another key component of this meeting is discussing how you and your family will use the new home to make sure it will function exactly to your specifications.

During the last part of this meeting, we review the budget together. While making selections, we strive to stay in budget and include creative solutions so we can accomplish your overall goals within your budget. No one likes surprises, so we will finalize selections for each item that applies to your project, always keeping a cost-conscious eye on the budget.

Project List

  • Finalize plan design
  • Exterior Selection
  • Millwork Selections and finishes
  • Plumbing
  • Flooring
  • Cabinet design
  • Countertops
  • Tile
  • Paint Colors
  • Lighting Fixtures
  • Custom Details

common questions

Why hire an interior designer?
Interior designers help take your ideas and goals and translate them into beautiful rooms tailored specifically for you. We take your vision to the next level with design ideas, products, and finishes you may never have seen before. Perhaps, though, the greatest value we offer is the depth of expertise we bring to your project. Lead designer, Lori Jansen, is experienced in the home construction process and uses her hands-on experience from years of projects to save you time and money. Her unique background helps to prevent project delays, and most importantly, prevent costly mistakes through effective planning, project management and building a collaborative relationship between the owner, the contractor and trades. Design projects can involve hundreds of decisions, but we can save you time and stress by guiding you through the process.
When I’m building a new home or remodeling, when is the best time to hire an interior designer?
The simple answer is: right away. Once construction gets underway, it can be difficult and costly to make changes. As you can imagine, sometimes design is a snowball effect where one detail affects another and so on. We present designs and ideas that you may not have considered, and it’s always easier to incorporate these changes before the project starts. When we are involved from concept to completion, the process is much more likely to be seamless and enjoyable, resulting in a beautiful home that is tailored to your specifications.
How long does the design process take?
No two projects are alike, therefore the process varies from project to project. The type of project and scope of work can affect the timeframe as well as schedules of tradespeople. Once we get more details at the design consultation, we can give a more accurate expectation for your project’s timeframe. We create a customized plan for each project that best suits the scope of work and timeline.
What is your typical project?
Our typical clients are homeowners building a new home, undertaking a large home renovation, remodeling a kitchen or bathroom who needs design help and assistance choosing architectural finishes, fixtures and furnishings. Whether you’re starting from scratch, remodeling or just in need of some direction, we offer a wide variety of design services to help you create the perfect design.
What is the typical cost or design fee?
Design House Interiors charges hourly for work performed so you only pay for the services you need and nothing else. The scope of the project will determine how many hours are needed.
What if I don't live in the Fox Cities?
Lori is available to travel on a limited basis depending on location, timeline and scope of work. Currently, we do not offer e-design services.
Do you work with builders and subcontractors or do I need to find my own?
Yes, we have many different types of builders, contractors and subcontractors we work with on a regular basis that we can recommend.  We are also happy to work with your builder, general contractor or any trade you prefer to work with.
How do I prepare for the initial design consultation?
Bring everything under the sun that inspires you. We love to see your inspirational photos, Pinterest boards, Instagram, Houzz images and more to help us fully understand your vision. It might seem counterintuitive, but revealing interiors or finishes you don't like is also valuable. Your inspirational style and needs for your space help us learn more about you and how you use your home. The fuller a picture we get of your preferences, the better equipped we are to create a space perfectly designed for you. Although you might not have an exact budget or timeline, it’s helpful to think about them before our consultation to provide rough guidelines for the project starting out. 

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